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Rescuers work at the scene of the road accident in Hong Kong on Saturday, Feb 10, 2018. [Edmond Tang/China Daily]

At least 18 people - 15 men and three women - were reported dead on Saturday in a double-decker bus crash, one of Hong Kong’s most deadly traffic tragedies since 2003.

At around 6 pm, a bus operating at full capacity from the horse racecourse in Sha Tin to Tai Po crashed near Tai Po Mei Tsuen in New Territories, Hong Kong, half way through its route. Saturday is a horse racing day.

The 18 were confirmed dead at the scene. Dozens were injured, with some sent to 12 hospitals. Among them, some suffered serious injuries.

Firefighters and paramedics were sent to the scene to rescue those trapped in the bus wreckage. Firefighters had to cut open the ceiling of the bus to rescue those trapped.

The cause of the deadly accident is yet to be confirmed, but a survivor told reporters that the bus was going very fast when it occurred.

In 2003, a double-decker bus fell off a flyover in Tuen Mun after running into a container truck, leaving 21 dead. It was Hong Kong’s worst motor vehicle accident in history. In 2008, a tour bus crashed in Sai Kung, claiming 18 lives.

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